ELITER Packaging Machinery & SIEMENS China Developing Sleever

Cooperation in the R+D+I of Wrap-Around Sleever

ELITER Packaging Machinery is working with SIEMENS China in the research, development, and innovation of Wrap-Around Sleever — a packaging machine that is used for cardboard wrap-around sleeving.

The two companies will be working together in programming and electric parts, and strive to present to the market the made-in-China Wrap-Around Sleever of marketing leading performance and quality to enhance packaging automation for cardboard sleeving and take avail of the fast-growing local and international target markets and industries such as food industry (ready meals, microwavable meals, …) dairy industries, seal-heating meals, etc., where sleeve packaging is prominent and used frequently

Full SIEMENS Platform

ELITER Packaging Machinery’s WAS Wrap-Around Sleever will be developed on the full SIEMENS platform including:

  • KTP 900 HMI
  • SINAMICS V90 Logix Contoller
  • SIMOTICS S Multi-Axis Servo Drives
  • etc…

The two companies will be working together in the following months expecting that the Sleever can be launched to the market by the September or October of 2022.

Why the Made-in-China Wrap-Around Sleever?

For the past long-term Chinese local companies which needed carton sleeving solutions had been having automation solutions available only for their choice the local made fair and quality average cartoning machine or imported Wrap-Around Sleevers. The former is mediocre expediency only due to the performance and unsatisfactory pattern of packaging for sleeving that products should be transposed while importing machinery for overseas would raise considerable the budget.

At the same time, the ready-meal and self-heating foods industry in China has been growing prominently with market volume upsurging at an unprecedented pace, a fact that a new player is expected to enter the niche to provide an adapted solution for the market.

Originally published at https://www.eliter-packaging.com.



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